The ability of a Woman


The ability of a woman is her kind heart where she bestows
her love for others forever .
Where her smile on the face can increase your determination to the highest level.

The ability of a woman is the amazing to bring a new life to the world
withstanding the immense pain inside her.
It’s the ability of her to raise her child even if the lack of support from the man who too bring the child and until
they grown.

The ability of a woman to protect her child like a bird taking care of their babies is so hostile.
It’s the touch of her hands that shows the natural
warmth when your spirits is feeling low.

The ability of a woman knows how to remain calm to change the things for the better,
It’s the lovely expression she conveys with the eyes
and respect for herself….

The ability of a woman is that she knows she is made for another family
despite of her father’s queen at her own home,
It’s her that makes the two world with her wisdom of sages.

Her soul is immeasurable where she put a different identity reaching out of her past infinity
where she is open , fearless and sweet which a man can need.

She is divine and her heart is as deep as of a sea,
she is born with the fire of queen and conquers the world alone
which need a vision to see.

She is more than one can think and one single can empower thousands of other women who needs to breathe.

This sums up a small reflection of her unconditional love , power,beauty and inspiration from where she had been from the start.



Los Príncipes de Arabia sionista, acaban de sellar su unión y solidaridad mutua con sus amados vecinos tras recibir la visita del “enviado” ”el dios en la tierra”:

Rey de reyes -Tigran el grande

Resultado de imagen para dios tierra prometidaRaymond Berberian en Rupen Berberian

Prensa Hipócrita
El Genocidio de la población palestina y la usurpación por los invasores judíos sionistas internacionales de gran parte del territorio podía haber sido otro si no mediaran los dueños de la batuta. Muchas veces el heroísmo, la vehemencia, la desesperación, el amor a la propia tierra y el mismo suicidio no siempre resultan aconsejables.
El sionismo europeo con su versión Nazi, en particular, el de los EEUU, emparentado con los mandamases del Estado judío, logró comprarles la moral a los magnates del golfo para atraerlos a su guarida. Una vez paralizados, la exterminación de la población palestina, tan añorado por el pueblo judío mundial fue determinante.
Los Príncipes de Arabia sionista, Qatar y demás doncellas del golfo acaban de sellar su unión matrimonial y solidaridad mutua con sus amados vecinos tras recibir la visita del “enviado” ”el dios…

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California Art Club at the Natural History Museum

RMW: the blog

I had previously visited the California Art Club 107th Annual Gold Medal Exhibition at the Natural History Museum with my friend SB when we stopped by the Butterfly Pavilion a couple of weeks ago. I liked it so much I suggested it as an activity for our Culver City Art Group
It’s so hard to get people to leave home. One other member, aside from BG and myself, showed up.
Too bad as they missed a super exhibit. I have to say I have never seen so many wonderful paintings in one place. The exhibit ended today. I only wish it went on longer as I would have visited it a third time!
Not only inspirational for painters but for photographers (like myself) as well.The composition is the same for a painter and a photographer. I get a lot of ideas from looking at paintings. This road cutting…

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